Hydraulic Sanat Co.

With over 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing all types of hydraulic and pneumatic systems and industrial machines, Hydraulic Engineering Company has succeeded in employing a team of experienced engineers who utilize theoretical knowledge and research and industrial and experienced personnel experience. Experienced with credible academic credentials inside and outside the country provide competent and competently qualified services in the global market and provide a large part of the domestic industry’s domestic demand in this field and has selected the following methods for its mission.:

  • Innovation and Research: Performing applied research and reviewing the latest scientific and industrial achievements worldwide, and attempting to implement scientific and research achievements within the framework of executive initiatives with an appropriate economic justification.
  • Project implementation: Consultancy, design, supervision, management and implementation of industrial designs in the form of EPC
  • Collaborate on drafting laws: helping to formulate and implement standards, policies and regulations for optimum energy consumption in the country.
  • Supplying and manufacturing equipment: Provision of parts and equipment from the best domestic and foreign resources with the approach of obtaining technical know-how in interior design and construction with economic justification.
  • Culture and Education: Promoting awareness and motivating the audience by implementing general and specialized training courses, promotion seminars

The company has been active in designing and manufacturing all kinds of hydraulic systems ( cylinders ) for hydraulic and pneumatic jacks and making the devices required by customers. Contrary to the usual custom of the market, companies accept only product orders based on pre-designed types. Apart from the supply of cylinders of pre-designed hydraulic and pneumatic jacks, Rand MARKET, in accordance with the needs of the consumer and in accordance with its specifications, and the requirements and constraints of the work, designed the optimal product both in terms of quality and financially. And produces it. The products manufactured by this company are provided with warranties and warranties, as well as after-sales services, including repairs and supplies of European and East Asian seals and accessories, and so on.